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[ happy birthday to meeeee ]

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"I have something to tell you..."
"I think I'm pregnant."
"They died."
"I want you to be the Maid of Honor/Best Man."
"I want a divorce."
"I'm leaving you."
"I want you back."
"I got a pet!"
"I won the lottery!"
"I'm in love with you."
"Why are you suing me?"
"We need to get out of town... Now."
"I'm going to prison."
"I quit!"
"I was fired."
"I got a promotion!"
"So... You know how I went out gambling last night?"
"I cheated on you."
"You did WHAT?"
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[ I do not want school. I do not want my birthday. I do not want work. Help. Me. ]

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psa and thread tracker.

[ right. i know it’s been a really long time, and i owe a lot of replies, but i swear i’ve not disappeared. muse for kat has been excruciatingly low, and i am so sorry because i know i’ve made some of you wait 6+ weeks for some of these replies. i currently owe:

as far as i know, i’m not dropping any of these. FOR NOW. I will try and get to them all at some point, but school is starting again and between revision, exams, work expo, actual work, my dad’s shit and all that, plus six other blogs (in hindsight that was a bad idea) i have no idea when my muse will come back. for now, this blog is on INDEFINITE HIATUS. i’ll be around, i’ll reply to some things, but i’ll be super selective because all kat muse has literally gone out the window. i am soo sorry. i am soo very sorry guys, really. i want to stay active on all my blogs but i have zero muse for any of them at the moment and it’s beyond annoying. if you want to find me, you’ll either find me here or at one of these:

here’s hoping muse will come back. ]

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Send me a ship; Ultimate Edition


  • Who was the one to propose:
  • Who stressed more over wedding planning:
  • Who decorated the house:
  • Who does the cooking:
  • Who is more organized:
  • Who initiates bedroom fun:
  • Who suggested kids first:
  • Who’s more dominant:
  • Who’s the cuddler: 
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: 
  • Who cooks: 
  • Who comes home drunk at 3am:
  • Who kills the spiders: 
  • Who falls asleep first: 
  • A head canon: 
  • Their relationship summed up in a gif: 
  • Do they have any “rituals”?
  • Who is louder?
  • Who is more experimental?
  • Who takes more risks?
  • Do they fuck or make love?
  • Lights on or off?
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?
  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome?
  • Who comes first?
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it?
  • Who is more submissive?
  • Who usually initiates things?
  • Who is more sensitive?
  • Who has the most patience?
  • Which kinks do they share?
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bringfreedomback inquired:

“Care to join me?”

ourbeautifulredemption replied:

Send me “Care to join me?” and I’ll generate a number and my character will react to yours asking them to join them in…

Result: 6 - Taking over the world.


     ”Hm,” Kat pursed her lips as she considered the proposal, nodding slightly. “Sounds like a plausible idea, but I’m not too interested. Got my own little world to take care of, thanks.”



"21, you’re a baby." He joked, amusement flickering in his eyes before a laugh actually came out at her words. He had heard of botox of late and honestly the whole altering thing was stunning. "Let’s just say that my genes were messed with, does that make any sense?" he questioned with a small grin. "can I ask why someone like you is by herself?"


     ”Coming from the man who at least looks, like, 25, even if you are 96,” she stated, sounding vaguely offended, but the smile on her face told him she was only kidding. “Altered genes. Sounds like a fun experience. Makes sense - weird, but it makes sense.” She paused for a second, tilting her head at him slightly. “I can take care of myself, if that’s what you’re implying. What do you mean, ‘someone like me’?”

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             I’m looking for a witch.
     Know where I can find a good one?

                     ”Depends on your definition of good. Whaddaya need one for?”

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ourbeautifulredemption inquired:

thenamesjasonstilinski replied:

3. our characters each lose one of their senses for 24 hours

"Fuck. I can’t see shit. What just happened? Where’s that box?"


"Yeah, I’m definitely not doing that again," he retorted, rolling his eyes at her wince. "Don’t be such a baby," he said, shrugging. "Fuck no, I wanna see you tear out an ex’s throat. Do you know how fucking entertaining that’s gonna be?"

"I’m not being a fucking baby, jackass," she huffed, glaring at him. "Half-human. And I don’t care if you think it’s going to be entertaining - he’s fucking dead. He doesn’t get to just shoot at people, I swear to fucking God.”

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ourbeautifulredemption inquired:

"I have dreams. And sometimes, in those dreams, things happen to you."

georgie-mccall replied:

"Things? What things…Care to tell me?" She asked, tilting her head to the side. "Since you said dreams…I’m good things..”


"But sometimes things you dream of can turn into reality…It’s rare but..It has happened. I know that myself. —- They maybe just fears but it’s obviously something that has been bothering you..Maybe you should talk to someone about your fears?"


"I don’t talk about shit like that. Feelings, fears, all that crap, it doesn’t come out. I’m not… psychic, or anything, at least I try not to be. It’s just not nice. Seeing that happen to you.”

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ourbeautifulredemption inquired:

"Take these sunglasses and fake mustache. Pop your collar and follow me. Ask questions later."

georgie-mccall replied:

"I’m debating whether or not I should trust you with this…I guess I’m going to have to risk it."


Georgie scoffed and nudged Kat playfully. “I’m the mean one?” She joked with a wink. “You’re right there. Tormenting it a pretty powerful word too. It could lead to other things.” She grinned. “I can’t wait to see their faces when we—you do this..”


           ”No, you’re right, I’m definitely the mean one,” she smirked, moving to sling her arm around Georgie’s shoulders. “And what are these other things you’re thinking about, Wolfie?” she wondered with a playful grin, mirroring the other girl’s wink. “Me either.”